Modern Tarot Readings

Although an ancient game, when Tarot is used responsibly it can offer deep insight into our human condition. Tarot offers powerfully creative therapy when we choose to use the symbols and stories laid upon the cards as practical tools for mental and emotional flexibility. When we metabolize the wisdom of tarot in this way, we can more confidently make empowered decisions to sculpt the reality we most desire in life.

My tarot readings are creative therapy sessions and not predictive. My language and delivery are incredibly uplifting and this option is great for onsite corporate events and team building, or for private parties.

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Guided Reiki Meditation

Using guided meditation as a point of inspiration, this option is perfect for corporate retreats. Perfect For all event planners looking for an activation that is uplifting, empowering, courageously vulnerable, and fit for leadership strength-training.

The more clear we can visualize what is wanted, the more apt we are to recognize opportunities that support what we are trying to achieve. My meditations first guide participants to ground, recognize and protect personal energy space, and finally, to activate the mind, emotions and body as powerful agents of manifestation.

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Inner+Vision Development (I+D Coaching Program)

This powerful program is an 8 week commitment geared toward changing mental patterns, habits, strengthening intuition, and unlocking powerful manifesting tools.

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