Tandem with my fine-art practice is my practice as an energy healer.  My work as an energy therapist is interdependent with my artistic investigation of the balance of energy and the phenomenology of space and identity.  I practice Usui Reiki, an ancient technique of hands-on healing that is incredibly purposeful in our modern world.  Reiki is receiving more support now than ever from the scientific and medical community and is known in the medical field as CAM, or Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.  Reiki is but one form of the many beneficial styles of touch-therapy.


what is reiki?


Reiki utilizes gentle manipulation of frequencies in the client's personal biomagnetic field.  Based on studies from Harvard and Northwestern Universities, science is now discovering that our bodies use bio-photons (yes, living light) that aid in the body's cellular communication.  The Reiki practitioner is trained to harness universal energy, effectively acting as a conduit for the client who receives a relaxing charge of energy.  When a client lays down for a fully-clothed treatment, he or she will experience incredibly deep relaxation, often inducing sleep, and allowing the client to experience an increased Alpha-frequency state. 

In my practice, I focus on energy centers of the body that correlate with the Eastern description of Chakra centers.  This system can be thought of as an information highway for the billions of cells that determine the function of the body's organs, systems, and mental attitude.   As an energy healer, my hands become very similar to heating pads, increasing in temperature, offering heat to the energy points, or Chakra centers, of the body during treatment.  The foundation of each treatment is a uniquely tailored intention for the client, that resonates her/his need for healing and/or well-being, firmly couched in compassion and love.  




Yes, Love.  Not the same kind of love you think you might have for your barista, but pure, universal love.   Love resonates in a frequency, and humans benefit greatly from receiving this.  Reiki, which from Japanese translates to "universal life-force energy," uses light-energy to send healing and well-being signals to the body's cellular system. If you can consider our bodies like magnificent computers, the practitioner "programs' universal energy with the healing intention for the client.  To be clear, I am saying that as a practitioner, I believe that universal energy is intelligent, and programmable.  I believe that we can program this energy with the healing aspects of love and compassion, and with information that can help one achieve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. 

Working absolutely from compassion and love, in this way I have described to you, I facilitate a safe space for my client to recharge from a modern-technological world that is energetically taxing, and a safe place for individuals to seek complimentary care to western treatments they may be receiving.  Although science cannot yet explain thoroughly how Reiki works, it has been proven effective by the hundreds of thousands of individuals across the world who have sought Reiki as a tool for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual discomfort.

When we reduce stress in the body, we enhance our physical and mental capabilities.  

This stress-reduction technique has also shown incredible impact on the efficacy of western treatments.  I do not claim that Reiki cures or replaces any beneficial treatments one may be undergoing.  I do, however, believe, from the bottom of my heart, that Reiki can improve the receptivity of other treatments and effectively promotes well being for individuals who are open to the treatment.