Working with Kat on a regular basis has brought so much into my life. Every session has its own unique focus and results because Kat really works with you wherever you are at. Our sessions have helped me find new perspectives, mirroring feedback, feelings of peace and calm, quiet relaxation, deep and true knowings, as well as new and useful tools to integrate into my life.

E.F. SEATTLE (8 week coaching program)

Working with Kat is an experience that has me feeling empowered, centered, and connected. Through energy work (meditation, tarot, and reiki) I have learned invaluable lessons. I felt very open to this type of work, but not having previous experience with it I was unsure what to expect. It has affected me in bigger way than I was anticipating, a shift at an opportune moment in my life. Our meditation and grounding work has enabled connection that has deeply affected my ways of thinking. I am grateful for the healing habits, visualizations, and thought patterns I take with me from this experience. Working with Kat has been a powerful and insightful process that I can’t recommend highly enough. She is a joy to work with and I feel changed for the better because of my time with her. Opening up through forgiveness and self-love, I feel more centered and capable in regards to the love I bring to myself and others. These are tools I will cary with me far into the future.


Kat really helped me ground and helped get through a hard and stagnant time in my life. Her words were inspiring and encouraging and she helped me remember that I believe in myself.

N.H. SEATTLE (8 week coaching program)

My time spend with Kat remains with me in many ways. Sharpening my awareness of my emotional and physical patterning and guiding me to seek higher ground and self has been helpful through this loop in life. Making the time for myself in this way was something new and overdue. She valued this time and made each second count and what we discussed and accomplished each was profound and meaningful. She provided many tools to help me process my thoughts, actions and emotions. Her warm calming energy was welcomed each week. I looked forward to this time ( a needed lesson in and of itself) especially as a new mom.


kat listens and works with the problems that you face on a day to day.  i've had multiple sessions and every time walked away with less stress and felt more at ease.  highly recommended.


kat has such great energy it's uplifting just sitting in the same room with her, but when she starts laying on the reiki and doing her work, it is almost too good for words.  the cool thing also is that she will offer you wisdom from her intuitions while doing the session.  little things she can pick up from your energy field, so you leave with some food for thought too.  i highly recommend kat to anyone needing a real break from the stresses or challenges of life.  she will uplift you and give some positive energy for going back into the world.


kat is engaging and empathetic.  she shares the information she intuits in each session both gracefully and graciously.  she creates an atmosphere that is both professional and comfortable.



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