what is energy therapy?

I am trained in Usui Reiki, a traditional Japanese form of touch-therapy.

Reiki utilizes gentle manipulation of frequencies in the client's personal biomagnetic field.  Based on studies from Harvard and Northwestern Universities, science is now discovering that our bodies use bio-photons (yes, living light) that aid in the body's cellular communication.  The Reiki practitioner is trained to harness the bio-photons, effectively acting as a conduit for the client who receives a relaxing charge of energy.  When a client lays down for a fully-clothed treatment, he or she will experience incredibly deep relaxation, often inducing sleep, and will experience a heightened Alpha-frequency state. 

Sessions allocate blockages that a client may be experiencing in the physical, intellectual, emotional, and soul self, and energy is guided to alleviate any dis-ease, promoting holistic balance.  In conjunction with the energy work,  guidance is offered to help clients distinguish congruency between daily actions and what is desired.   My practice ultimately strives to deliver breakthrough results by way of dedicated energy treatments.

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what is a session like?

Sessions are performed fully clothed on a massage table.   Clients will feel my hands lightly touch permitted areas, and hover over other energetic locations on the body.   Intense warmth can be felt radiating from my hands.   For clients who may find laying down uncomfortable, sessions can be done sitting down instead.   Counseling is given during each session, as well as meditation techniques.

Clients experience incredibly deep relaxation, effectively reducing stress and have reported hot/cold sensations, feeling of movement such as floating on water and tingling.  Regardless if a sensation is experienced or not, the energy is working.

Sessions are 60 to 90 minutes unless otherwise noted.



Be gentle with yourself as sessions can bring huge emotional release. Give yourself space to sleep deeper the evening after a session too. Healing shock is a sign that the energy is working and integrating with you at a higher frequency.




pricing and packages


QUICK FLOW  $35.00 - one session

The "quick flow" package is compatible with any budget, offering a quick 20 minute energy session.  This can be done in person as a chair-treatment or over the phone.  This is excellent for those looking for a fresh energy bath and positive affirmation.

Great before work, after the kids get to class, or for a mid-day pick-me-up.

RESET  $120.00 - one session

The "reset" package is perfect for the person who is in a groove of mind/body balance and wellness and is looking for an energetic charge.  This is great for quarterly energy management,  those seeking acute affirmation therapy, and excellent when preparing for tests, major proposals, and public performances to name a few.

BALANCE $200.00 - 2 sessions

The "balance" package is excellent for those seeking applied stress-management and for those high-performance professionals and individuals who, if given energy treatments twice in one month, will witness enhanced performance through relaxtion.  

This package is valid for 30 days upon date of purchase.*  

BREAKTHROUGH  $430.00 - 4 sessions

The "breakthrough" is absolutely necessary for those who are in need of deep healing or looking for transformation from particular mental blockages.   My practice is a valuable treatment to receive in conjunction with existing health care treatments, or on its own.

This package is valid for 90 days upon date of purchase.*

REMOTE  SESSIONS  $85 per session

Not in Seattle and needing distance healing and/or energetic affirmation?  This is your choice option.

**results will vary and may not happen within the time frame of one package nor is it necessary to purchase a package to witness results.  packages are discount options for those that are committed to more than one session.  session frequency is determined based on individual needs and goals. i do not claim to diagnose or cure.  your investment in your wellness portfolio is non-refundable.



~raising the vibration professionally, personally, and environmentally~