so excited to announce two meditation workshops i’m leading!!


i’m so thankful (thank you, universe!) for being invited to lead 60 women in design in meditation at an event at the ace hotel in palm springs.  this event is sponsored by a cool design company called InVision.  


second, i am teaching a meditation and collage workshop at the frye art museum.  we’ll explore our practice for meditation and mindfulness and feel the benefits they have on our health.  we will also dive into the flow state, creating paintings and collages that represent our unique voice and the landscape of our abstract interpretations of Self.


peace within 💛☀️ 


how to feel motivated about happiness

Brancusi, The Muse, 1912

Brancusi, The Muse, 1912

1). feel your skeleton move by the grace of impulses sent from your brain to your ligaments and muscles.  it's damn good armature, your skeleton.

2). ask your neurons to send your muscles the feels of warmth and relaxation, and feel your skeleton chill, and be still. 

3).  your heart, a muscle beating like a drum, is the muse you need.  feel it's rhythm, say your name to yourself, and tell yourself you got this.

4). feel the happiness course through your system....  conjured, not bought.  💅🏽


love, kat



hello, sweet nature.

hello, sweet nature.

1) Go outside to a safe place near birds singing or anywhere outside near a tree.

2) Close your eyes.

3) Listen to the sweet bird song and/ or let the sound of leaves rustling calm your heart beat.

4) Remeber that time is vast, and that despite how fucked up things are right now, we are so lucky to exist in this point of time.

5) Next, find someone you love, HUG IT OUT.

6) Get back to defending the goodness in the world.