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I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and I have been practicing holistic care for ten years.  I studied with Lakota trained medicine healer, Char Sundust, at Sundust Oracle Institute, and with Reiki Master Teacher, Daisy Thompson, of Northwest Healing Studio. 



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Since my early childhood, I have been drawn to the mystery, to healing, and to being of service.   My desire and drive to be supportive and compassionate to others were like calling cards for just the right healers or teachers to match the lesson I was learning for the time.  My embarkment to be of service to others came with the caveat of me casting light into the darkest parts of my being.   I moved through my fear of what I might find and realized my courage in working with my truths, whatever they revealed.  I grew confident with the tools my healers and teachers passed to me, and now I am here for you.

I offer individual and corporate healing. My services include Reiki, mindfulness and visualization coaching, practical tarot readings, creative workshops, and tailored “inner+vision coaching,” an 8 week program that focus on change and positive habit development.

Businesses I’ve worked with: InVision, Within, The Frye Art Museum, and Totokaelo.