I am proud to be represented by Sharon Arnold of Bridge Productions, located in Georgetown, south end industrial district of Seattle, WA and Center for Art and Thought, an online platform for Filipino-American scholars and artists.

I  am a cross-disciplinary artist with primary focus in video-painting and performance documentation.  My identity-based work currently investigates  the intersection of my art practice and my practice as an energy healer.   Most eloquently stated by Ana Mendieta, my art work is grounded in the belief of one universal energy which flows through everything.

Self-trained, I have shown academically in universities along the west coast and in highly respected art houses in Seattle, WA.  I am featured in a wide array of Pacific Northwest publications, and have been published by Rutgers University.  I am the recipient of the first Place City Arts Award for spring 2016, and was a selected participant of the Centrum Artist Residency. 

Please follow my process on instagram: @leanfreedom

All inquiries can be made through Sharon Arnold,  at Bridge Productions, or myself.   I look forward to connecting.  Thank you!