inner+vision healing 〰️ modern self-care & stress management for creative humans.

Inner+Vision Healing offers individual and corporate healing for those who are looking for a trusted modality of self-care, and stress management, that is positively impactful for modern lifestyles. My name is Kat Larson, owner and spiritual advisor, and I’m a Reiki Master Practitioner offering energy healing, coaching, meditation leadership and creative therapy through Tarot. I live in Seattle, WA, offering 1:1 sessions at Kula Movement in Ballard with many international clients that I provide remote service for. I also travel both domestically and internationally for site-specific corporate\group events.

I have always valued connecting with people in a meaningful way and my service provides a safe, grounded channel for my clients to energetically unplug from the demands of modern life. I empower people to remember their spiritual strength, to trust their intuition, and to feel confident in their choices and actions taken to build a life they thrive in.

I offer reiki sessions, guided visualization and meditation, practical tarot readings that support interior and exterior navigation, and creative stress management workshops for groups and corporate functions.

for those that choose to commit the work, i offer an 8 week “i+d program” or, inner vision development program. this is a trusted, results driven option for those who seek significant change and advancement in their life.  

 see more beauty, feel less stress.

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